A Salerno gli incontri più hot della rete, annunci personali e privati di donne che cercano nuove persone per nuove emozioni da vivere intensamente a Salerno.

Terms of Service

incontri-salerno.info web site is a part of DKD Dating Network which belongs to Lithuanian, USA and Russian Joint Venture JSC "DKD" company.

By using the services, offered at this site (further in the text "Site"), you enter into a legally binding agreement (further in the text "Agreement") between yourself (further - User) and the Lithuanian, USA and Russian Joint Venture JSC DKD (further - DKD) in accordance with the conditions stated below and irrespective, whether you are a registered member or not. If you wish to be registered, communicate with other members and use the services, available at the Site, read the conditions of using the Site and confirm your consent with them during registration.

The present agreement stipulates your obligations when you visit the Site and when services are rendered to you as a result of your registration. DKD reserves the right to change the conditions of using the Site unilaterally. Such changes take effect after their publication on the Site. The present agreement outlines the rules for publishing materials on the Site, operating procedures for handling confidential information, and other issues, associated with Site usage.

1. Age restrictions

You have the right to use the Site and be registered as a member after you have reached the age of 18. If you misrepresent your age, your registration as a member will be cancelled. By using the Site, you confirm and guarantee, that you meet age restrictions requirements and you have the right and opportunity to enter into the given Agreement in accordance with the legislation of your place of residence and to follow all its conditions.

2. Validity

This agreement remains in force during all periods while you are using the services of the Site. You can at any time and for any reason refuse using the services, having notified DKD by a letter or an electronic message. DKD has the right to terminate at its own discretion the present Agreement, cancel your registration and stop rendering services. The corresponding decision takes effect at the moment of sending such a notice to the electronic address, provided by you during registration, or to any other address, provided by you to DKD later. Even after the cancellation of the Agreement, cancellation of your membership and the termination of services rendered, certain parts of the present Agreement will remain in force, including items 4, 5, 7, and 9-14.

3. Non-commercial use

The site is intended only for personal use and cannot be used for commercial purposes. Organizations, companies and/or other associations have no right to be registered as members and use the Site. Any illegal and/or non-authorized use of the Site, such as gathering member names and/or e-mail addresses with the use of software or otherwise for the purpose of distributing advertising information (spam), computer viruses, and also illegal publication of references to the Site, opening any of Site pages in the frame of another site, will be investigated, and the measures of civil, administrative and criminal law will be applied to the infringers.

4. DKD property rights

DKD owns exclusive property rights to the Site and its rendered services. The site contains materials, trade marks, patented technologies and other information protected by copyright law, the property rights of which belong to DKD or to third parties, with whom DKD has concluded corresponding agreements. You have no right to copy, change, publish, transfer, distribute, reproduce or sell the information contained at the Site without DKD written permission, except for items, related to well-known or public information.

5. Site contents

I. You acknowledge and agree, that DKD can look through and delete any information, messages, photos and member profiles (further in the text "Contents"), which under DKD discretion do not meet the conditions of the present Agreement, and also offensive or illegal materials which may infringe on the rights of other members, harm or threaten the safety of other visitors of the Site.

II. You bear full responsibility for the contents of materials, which you publish at the Site or transfer to other members or visitors of the Site.

III. By publishing materials or information in popular sections of the DKD Site, you automatically transfer DKD irrevocable, constant and non-exclusive right, to use, copy, reproduce, publish and distribute these materials and information with an opportunity to transfer to third parties, free-of-charge and without territorial restrictions, to use it for creation of derivative works or together with other materials and information, and guarantee, that you have the right to use materials transmitted to DKD rights.

IV. The present item outlines a list of materials, publication of which is forbidden at the Site. DKD reserves the right to investigate cases of publication of such materials and apply at its own discretion sanctions, stipulated by law and the present Agreement, to any person who has infringed the determined requirements, including removal of materials of the forbidden character from the Site, termination of the present Agreement, member registration cancellation and termination of services rendered to such a person. Materials, publication of which is forbidden at the Site, include:

* materials which are offensive, including material of a racist nature or material which promotes any sort of violence against any individual or group;

* materials, infringing the rights of third parties or supporting such infringement;

* materials, not bearing semantic sense, including "letters of happiness" (consistently addressed to an unlimited circle of addressees) and non-authorized advertising mails (spam);

* materials, containing obviously false or misleading information, recommending illegal actions or offensive, menacing, obscene, discrediting or humiliating behavior, and also assisting such actions or behavior;

* materials, assisting illegal or non-authorized copying or distribution of materials, protected by copyright and belonging to third parties, including ones, granting access to counterfeit software or containing references to it, containing data regarding ways to break hardware-software protection systems and copyright management, containing piracy musical and video files, or references to them;

* materials, displaying contents of any websites or their separate pages, access to which is limited or requires a password, containing references, for bypassing such restrictions, and also displaying hidden pages and images with no references from other publicly accessible sites;

* containing materials of erotic or violent character with regards to persons who have not reached 18, or containing personal data on minor (younger than 18) persons;

* containing information, describing technology or instructions for the creation or purchase of weapons of restricted circulation or which are forbidden, creation of computer viruses, infringement of personal privacy rights, or fulfillment of other illegal actions;

* materials, containing offers or inquiries to other members with regards to granting passwords or other identifying information for subsequent use for commercial or illegal purposes;

* attracting third parties to participate in any commercial or trading activity, or fulfill any actions, which may result in economic gain, including offers to participate in prize draws, totalizator, advertising campaigns, financial pyramids, gambling, without DKD preliminary written consent.

V. You are obliged to use the Site and rendered services in accordance with all applicable laws and resolutions.

VI. You have no right to include any telephone numbers, post addresses, web-pages Internet addresses and e-mail addresses in the fields of your profile, which are not intended for entering such information.

VII. You have no right to advertise or call other members, buy or sell any goods, works or services by using the Site. You have no right to send other members of the Site letters of an advertising character, "letters of happiness" or letters without semantic sense or organize mass mail distributions. Though DKD cannot oversee the behavior of members outside the Site, applications received through DKD information for persuasive molestation, insults, causing harm to other people or contacts to other members for advertising or sale of goods (works, services) or other purposes without its obviously expressed consent, such actions are considered to be infringements of the present Agreement. In order to protect members from such actions, DKD reserves the right to restrict the number of messages which one member can send to other members per day, up to such a number, which DKD considers reasonable at its own discretion.

6. Copyright

You have no right to place, distribute or reproduce materials protected by copyrights or objects on the Site in any form, or any other information or objects with property rights of third parties without their written consent. If you consider, that publication of any materials at the Site implies the infringement of your copyrights, provide our copyright agent with the following information: electronic or written signature of the person, authorized to act in the interests of the copyrights owner, the description of the material or publication which infringes the copyright law, the description of the given material, location at the Site, your phone, post address and e-mail address, your written statement, that the publication of the given material was done without the consent of the copyright owner of the material, his/her legal representative and in the absence of other legal grounds, also a written confirmation, that the information given by you is authentic and that you are the copyrights owner to the published material or his/her legal representative. In case the submitted information is incorrect, you can be accused of deliberate deception and sanctions established by law can be applied to you.

7. Relations between members

You bear individual responsibility for your interaction with other DKD members. DKD reserves the right, but does not take upon itself the unconditional obligation to represent itself as an intermediary in the settlement of disagreements between registered members of the Site.

8. Clauses

DKD does not bear responsibility for not valid or incorrect data placed at the Site or provided in connection with services rendered, the source of which are visitors and registered members of the Site, and also as a result of failure of the equipment or software, associated with the functioning of the Site and rendering of services. DKD does not bear responsibility for actions of visitors or members of the Site when they are using the Site directly or when services are rendered to them, or at any other time. DKD does not bear responsibility for mistakes, omissions, operational breaks, loss or distortion of information, operational delays or delays in the transfer of information, communication line breakdowns, theft or destruction of information, and also for illegal access to a communication facility and information of visitors or members. DKD does not bear responsibility for disruptions in the functioning of telephone systems and lines, Internet channels, servers and providers, computer equipment, software, the inability to delivery electronic messages or malfunctions, associated with technical problems, network overloads or excessive traffic in Internet channels or at the Site, including cases when harm or damage was caused to a visitor or member of the Site, or any third party, as well as to their computers, as a result of such technical malfunctions, and also in connection with any use of the Site or DKD services. Under no circumstances does DKD bear any responsibility for causing any damage to visitors or members of the Site, a physical mutilation, and also in case of death of a visitor or member as a result of visiting the Site, rendering to him/her services, usage of materials, data and information, published at the Site or received from other members or visitors of the Site, or due to interaction with other members directly visiting the Site or rendering its services, as at any other time. All materials, data and information, placed at the Site, and also rendered services are given by DKD "as they are ", DKD does not provide guarantees on suitability or conformity of provided materials, data, information and services to certain purposes or the non-infringement of someone's rights. DKD does not guarantee, that members or visitors of the Site will achieve any certain results when visiting the Site and using its services.

9. Limited Liability

Except for jurisdictions, which do not recognize such liability limits, DKD does not bear responsibility before you or any third party for any direct, indirect, collateral or casual damage, incurred to you (incl. as a result of any sanctions, applied to you), including missed benefit as a result of use of the materials and services of the Site, even if a possibility of such damage was beforehand known to DKD. According to the present Agreement, financial responsibility of DKD before a member, irrespectively of the grounds of caused damage and type of a claim, presented to DKD, is limited to the sum which the member has paid DKD for the services rendered to him/her, during the time, when he/she was registered at the Site.

10. Legal claims

In case disagreements which are associated with the use of the Site and/or reference to its services arise the parties agree, that such disputes will be settled according to the legislation of Vilnius, Lithuania, not taking into account conflict of jurisdiction requirements. By accepting the conditions of the present Agreement, you confirm your consent to a claim being considered in the courts of Vilnius, Lithuania.

11. Exemption of liability before the third parties

By accepting the conditions of the present Agreement, you exempt DKD and also its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, administrative board, employees, workers, agents and partners from payment of any compensation to third parties, including payments of lawyer's remunerations and any court expenses if the damage was caused to them due to your infringement of the conditions of the present Agreement when using the Site and rendering its services, rejecting acknowledgements and guarantees, which you provided in connection with its conclusion.

12. Refund Policy

Site will issue a refund within 72 hours of an initial subscription is case that none of the services have been provided to the client. Beyond these conditions, requests for refunds will be at the discretion of Site and will be reviewed on individual basis.

13. Miscellaneous

The present Agreement, acceptance of which is confirmed by you using the Site and later registering as a member, is the agreement between you and DKD regarding all issues, concerning the usage of the Site and-or rendering of its services to you (except for the list of rendered services and tariffs). Even if some of the conditions of the present agreement are nullified, all other conditions will keep their force.

14. Contact information

Lithuanian, USA and Russian Joint Venture JSC DKD

Office address:
Festivalio 10A
LT-31144 Visaginas

Telephone: +370 386 60608

To contact customer service please use our contact form or write directly to the support email support@dating.lt
Customer request will be responded within 2 working days.

15. Pricing and Payment conditions

The regular prices for Western Europe countries are 24.95 € for one month silver membership, 39.95 € for one month gold membership, 49.95 € for 3 month silver membership, 74.95 € for 3 month gold membership. For other countries regular prices are described in "My Payments" menu. No hidden fees. The history of all user payments is stored and can be accessed through "My Payments" menu item. All payment transactions are SSL encrypted.

16. Sign-up process

Paid services are available to the registered customers only. To become a registered member you should sign-up and follow the link in the confirmation email. Service is rendered online immediately after the payment transaction and the customer/cardholder is debited at the same time. Once the payment is succeded, we send a letter to the customer's email address identifying that service has been enabled.

Terms of Use incontri-salerno.info

The Site incontri-salerno.info is provided by the DKD company. This Agreement is an electronic contract that sets out the terms of interaction between DKD and the User. By accessing the Website or becoming a Member, you accept this Agreement and agree to the terms and conditions referenced herein. By registering in incontri-salerno.info, you agree to share your data in DKD Dating Network.

By acceptance of Terms of Use Agreement the User:

1.Confirms, that he has become acquanted with this terms of use, agrees to them and undertakes to satisfy all the conditions of the present Agreement.

2.Guarantees, that he is at least eighteen (18) years of age.

3.Is solely responsible for the Content published by him/her on the Site; for safety and confidentiality of his/her authorization data.

4.Realizes, that the Site can contain adult focused content

5.Is obliged to use the Services in accordance with any and all applicable laws and regulations used in this field.

6.Is obliged not to publish in easy access E-mail addersses, postal addresses, phone numbers, links and other contact information.

7.Is obliged not to publish offences, uprintable expressions, pornographic content; content offending human dignity

8.Is obliged not to harass, abuse, or harm another person, or to advertise or sell any products or services to any Member without the prior consent of DKD.

9.Grants to DKD an irrevocable right to reproduce, distribute, copy, perform, display the content published by User on the Site (or provided to DKD in any other way), so that any person at any time and from any place would have access to this information - at the choice of that person.

DKD reserves the right:

1.To modify the Site in its sole discretion.

2.To modify this Agreement from time to time in its sole discretion

3.To change fees, services and their duration terms.

4.To correct or to delete the content published by User on the Site, if it doesn’t meet the terms of this agreement or can damage to DKD or to any third party.

5.To use for its purpose the content published by the User on the Site in easy access: for advertising, posting on the affiliate Sites, use in telecast, in press and so on.

6.To give the rights, which the User has passed to DKD due to this Agreement, to the third party in order to meet this Agreement

DKD is not responsible for:

1. The verity and reliability of the content published by Users

2. for any damage or loss of information or for any other harm arising from the use of the Site, including Internet, fixed-location phones, mobile phones and other means of communication.

3. for the damage of copyrighted materials and other rights of the third party made by the User of the Site.

Privacy Policy

I. General provisions

1. Subject of regulation

Lithuanian, USA and Russian Joint Venture JSC DKD respects the right of members to confidentiality and will do everything possible to facilitate its non-disclosure. This Agreement determines the conditions and purposes of gathering, storing, protecting, processing and distributing information about the DKD website.

2. Information, covered by the Agreement

Information about the DKD members includes:

* standard data, automatically received by a http-server during access to the Site (the IP-address of the host, time, type and information about the viewing program, which requested a resource, member's operational system type, page address, from which the transition to the requested resource was done);

* data in electronic form, provided by members during registration with the Site (members profiles - including, but not limited to: member names, logins, passwords, confidential control questions and answers, e-mail addresses, socio-metric data and the data on their preferences).

3. Applicable legislation

Relationships considered in the present Agreement regarding gathering, storing, protecting, processing and distribution of information about members of the Site, are governed in accordance with the current legislation of Lithuania, not taking into account the conflict of jurisdictional requirements. By accepting the conditions of the present Agreement, you confirm your consent to consideration of a claim in the federal courts of Vilnius, Lithuania.

II. Conditions of reference to the Site

DKD assumes, that a member, addressing the Site:

* Uses the Site on his/her own and authentically specifies personal information, when it is required;

* Determines and has control over the settings of the software used by him/her according to his/her preferences concerning personal data protection, information about his/her own firmware and Internet connection;

* DKD assumes, that a member, accessing the Site is acquainted with the present Agreement and accepts its terms and conditions.

III. Gathering, storage, protection, processing and distribution of information

1. Gathering information about members

DKD gathers information about members in accordance with the rules, determined by the present Agreement.

2. Restriction of information received from minors

DKD has no intention to receive information from minors. According to the Charter, DKD forbids them using the Site.

3. Liability restriction for reliability of collected information

DKD does not verify reliability of collected information about members and does not control the legal status of members.

4. Storage of information about members

DKD gathers information about members in accordance with the rules, determined by the present Agreement. All information collected, stored and processed about members by DKD is considered to be restricted access information.

5. Information protection

DKD undertakes all reasonable measures to protect information about its members from destruction, distortion or disclosure.

6. Access to information about members

Women, interested in acquaintance, have access only to the information about members of the Site. Information about other members is not accessible to the members of DKD. An exception is made for general data, which characterize DKD as a whole, for example, information about distribution of the members by country, age, occupation, education, etc.

7. Restriction of using information from members profiles

DKD uses information from members' profiles (login and password, email address) only for authorization of Internet resource access. Responsibility for the safety of the provided information is carried by the member. Any actions, conducted with the use of such information, are considered by DKD as the actions, conducted by the member. Other information from a member's profile is not used by DKD for distributing information to members, except for the cases stipulated by the Site usage rules, or by members' obvious inquiry.

IV. Miscellaneous

1. Members' references in connection with the Agreement

DKD considers the references, associated with the present Agreement, including members inquiries, concerning their personal data usage, sent by the members to the following e-mail address: info@dating.lt. Anonymous messages will not be considered.

2. Correspondence to the DKD address

All correspondence, sent by members to the DKD address is perceived by DKD as restricted access information and can be published only with the consent of the member. Addresses, personal data and other information about the members, who have sent these letters, cannot be used without their special consent for other purposes, but only to provide answers on the subject of a received letter.

3. Access to the text of the Agreement

The present Agreement is an open and publicly accessible document. The current edition of the Agreement is placed in the Internet and has the following permanent address - m.incontri-salerno.info/home/terms_of_service_privacy_policy.php

4. DKD right to modify the Agreement

DKD reserves the right to modify the present Agreement, and notify members about such modifications at the address, where the present Agreement is placed, not later than 7 days before the respective alterations will come into force.

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